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Recurring payment ONLY THROUGH PAYPAL ACCOUNT, does not work with credit or debit card alone without PayPal account.


your personal account, setting up a "STANDING ORDER" (cyclical transfer) to your account (please write the word "DONATION" in the title of the transfer):

  • Jedrzej Slewczuk

  • IBAN: 54 1020 4027 0000 1802 1702 6058

  • BIC (SWIFT) – needed for transfers from a country other than Poland: BPKOPLPW

I also encourage you TO SHOW the "RISIBLESONS" webcomic TO OTHERS.


I will be able to devote more time to realizing "Risiblesons" episodes.

It is better to donate a smaller amount periodically than a larger amount at one time. So, I encourage you to make a CYCLICAL (automated) DONATION.

I sincerely thank all donors, from the bottom of my heart...

Ways to support:

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